Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal Animal Control

Did you know that Raccoons are very inquisitive animals? Because of this they are always getting into trouble and many times reeking havoc in many of our Lexington yards and businesses.

Raccoons typically tip over trash cans, raid bird feeders, destroy gardens enter into homes from chimney tops that are not capped and raccoons can damage crops. We provide raccoon removal to Lexington, Columbia, & the surrounding areas.

Although these animals can be very cute they can also be very dangerous. Raccoons can carry a multitude of several bacterial diseases and parasites.

These diseases are transmitted through bites & ingesting raccoon waste. These are just some of the diseases that can affect humans and pets. salmonella, leptospirosisroundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis) & rabies. Don’t let raccoons terrorize you, call our Lexington raccoon removal company today.