Our Services

24 Hour Wild Life Emergency Extraction Services!


Rodents are pests that are a big nuisance in Lexington. Though some of them may be cute like Squirrels they can be a hassle both inside and outside of the house.


Mice and rats carry several diseases that can be extremely hazardous to your health and in some cases even can cause death. We can help get rid of mice.


Let’s face it, most snakes can be scary & unfortunately many are dangerous. In Lexington and the surrounding areas, there are about 38 different species of snakes.


Although Bats are helpful to humans because they eat many insects & help keep the infestations of insects under control they can be very dangerous as well.

Other Services Include:

Crawl Space Clean Outs
Vapor Barriers
Foundation Vents
Gable Vents
Wild Life Proofing
Wild Life Tracking & Relocation Services
Wildlife Restoration
Removal of Dead Animals
Decontamination Services